Mechanical Engineering is a great course, with a lot of great tutors who offer a lot of support and guidance with your studies. The dynamic between the lectures and practical sessions really helps towards further development of learning.



    Whether it’s making the clothes on our backs or picking the crops from fields, mechanical engineering and advance manufacturing is all around us.

    Our degree will prepare you for the challenges of this ever-evolving sector. You’ll finish your degree with industry-ready skills, confidence and creativity to overcome the next generation of challenges.

    Designed and run in collaboration with business, and utilising the pioneering CDIO approach, this degree is rewarding and opens up real-world career pathways.

    The CDIO approach is an international engineering education model, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It allows you to learn in a practical, hands-on way to find creative, evaluated solutions to industry related engineering challenges. We are one of the only a handful of universities in the UK to offer CDIO.

    Our MEng option will advance your engineering talent even further and develop your leadership and management skills.

    Why Study Mechanical Engineering (Advance Manufacture)?

    Mechanical (advance manufacture) engineers design, develop, implement, and maintain advance manufacturing methods aimed at improving manufacturing industry and processes. This enables UK manufacturing to meet local and global market demands and provide cost effective, quality and timely manufacturing solutions for customers.

    Our hands-on course is a truly immersive learning opportunity, we will support, prepare and give you the confidence and enthusiasm to enter an engineering career with varied and exciting prospects. You'll study engineering and manufacturing to understand their role in production processes and you'll gain expertise in product creation processes from design to end manufacture.

    You'll also develop leadership and management skills that will support you with pursuing a senior engineering role.