If you don't have a UCAS account don't worry, you're just a few steps away from being able to apply through Clearing and starting your studies this year. 

1: Register with UCAS

You’ll be asked for some personal details, be provided with a username, asked to create a password, and set your security questions. You might see some odd terms like "buzzword" -  don't let that put you off though, you don't need one! There will be a few other questions you need to answer as you are applying independently and not through a school or college. 

Make sure you enter your first name and middle name(s) exactly as they appear on official documents like your passport or driving licence. If you only have one name, enter it in both the first name and last name fields on the application.

You can register with UCAS on this page. 

2: Add your details

Key points to note:

  1. Remember you can save your progress at any time and log in again when it's convenient. 
  2. You must complete all the essential sections before you are able to submit your application. 
  3. Use an email address that you check often. Look out for important messages about your application!
  4. UCAS will ask about your residency status. If you live abroad you'll find helpful information on this page. 
  5. There are questions for UK students about ethnicity, national identity and work background. These are used for statistical monitoring purposes and do not influence any decisions about your application. 
  6. There are optional questions about your personal circumstances. You do not have to answer these but they can help us understand your situation better and provide or suggest support you might appreciate. 

3: Add your education history

Add as much information as you can about your qualifications from secondary education onwards. 

Please complete this with the details about any A Level, BTEC or equivalent qualifications you have. If you have higher level qualifications, or any previous university level study then please include this information. You should also list your GCSE or comparable grades.

We will need to check your qualifications as part of the registration process. We will usually ask to see:

  • Your highest level qualification and/or
  • Your Level 3 (A Level or equivalent qualifications) and/or
  • GCSE Maths, English Language and Science (where relevant to your application)

Remember we offer Foundation Years that help people without formal qualifications to access university. It is more important to us that you are keen to learn now than what you have achieved in the past. 

4: Add your employment history

You can add details for up to five previous jobs.

5: Select a course

Once your form has been processed by UCAS, you will be able to add your Clearing choice. The course details will be on the offer email we’ve sent to you from clearing@canterbury.ac.uk

6: Personal statement

You don't have to stress and spend a lot of time on this! But it does give you an opportunity to tell us why you are applying for university. 

7: Submit your application

Review your application and make any edits you want. If you are happy the details are correct then read and agree to the declaration. You don't need a reference, so just tick the box to say no reference is required. 

Application fee

The application fee for 2022 applications will be £22.00 for one choice, or £26.50 for two – five choices.

If you have trouble paying your application fee then help is available here. 


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