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Foundation year

If you haven't quite met the entry requirements for a course, then a foundation year is a fantastic option to get you prepared. 

Whether you're a school-leaver or you are considering a return to education, a foundation year course may be just what you’re looking for. Find out from our students how a foundation year has opened up opportunities and given them the chance to fulfil their chosen path of study. 

The decision you have made to change your life is one that we will respect and do our utmost to make sure happens for you.

Martin WattsFoundation Year Programme Director

Why study a foundation year course?

A foundation year is the first year of a four year course which:

  • provides a great introduction to studying at university and to a subject you want to explore
  • offers you a highly supportive environment where you can develop the self-confidence, knowledge, skills, and understanding for further study
  • takes your individual circumstance into account.

Find your course with a foundation year

We offer a range of four year degrees with a foundation year (Year 0) across a number of subject areas. You can search for a foundation year course in our undergraduate course listings.