Course Modification

Course modifications are used to keep module syllabus up-to-date, and enhance the curriculum to promote innovation and further embed the University Learning and Teaching Strategy. 

What is the purpose of course modification?

The course modification process provides an opportunity in the early part of a newly approved course to correct or make adjustments based academic reflection,  recommendations from an external stakeholder such as the External Examiner or Professional Statutory or Regulatory Body (PSRB), or student evaluation.

A course is a form of contract between multiple stakeholders. There is a formal process that assures all parties that the changes are in the best interests of the students involved in the course, that the course remains a high quality experience, and that it remains in line with sector expectations.

The process ensures that where a modification may constitute a significant change to the student experience, the appropriate measures to conform with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have been or will be put in place.

What are the timelines and why are they important?

The general principle is that modification will only apply to the next entering cohort and not for any current students.

There sometimes exceptional circumstances when modifications need to be made affecting current students and prospective students once the admissions cycle has begun. The University has approved a Change Policy (see below) to cover circumstances where it is necessary to make a change in the running of an existing course.

Minor modifications deadlines for 2021-22 

  • Deadline for modules/changes commencing in September 2022: 31 March 2022
  • Deadline for Semester 2 module choice: 7 January 2022

 What types of modification can be made?

Modifications fall into three categories. More details on the types of modification possible and steps for approval are set out in the guidance below.

  • Major Modification
  • Minor Modification
  • Routine Updating
  • There are also arrangements for changing the title of a course/route and requesting and academic calendar exception - see the drop down boxes below.

The Change Policy sets out examples of the types of modifications that would be considered as material changes and examples of types of modifications that would be considered non-material.

It outlines the required process to follow for consultation with students and applicants.

This form should be completed in the event that you wish to propose a change to the course and/or route title of an approved course. Schools/Centres should complete the form and return it to their Faculty Director of Quality.






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