If you need extra support when taking exams we’re here to ensure adjustments are in place so you’re able to achieve your best.  

There are lots of reason why you may be entitled to have adjustments made for your exams. - illness, dyslexia, disability, English not your first language and many more.

Types of assessment adjustments

Depending on your entitlements, you may be able to have:

  • extra time to complete your exam, typically 15 minutes per hour
  • rest breaks
  • the use of a reader
  • the use of a scribe
  • the use of a computer
  • the use of a computer with specialist software, if you’re visually impaired
  • exam scripts in Braille
  • arrangements for your guide dog to accompany you
  • exam papers in differing colours to mitigate a range of visual impairments
  • exam scripts in large print
  • sit an exam on your own or in a small group
  • an accessible location for an exam, e.g. ground floor.
  • specific seating arrangements in the exam room, e.g. at the back, front, near a window, etc.
  • the use of an English or English/other language dictionary.

How to apply

To apply for assessment adjustments, you need to register with the Disability Team as soon as you can. The more notice you give the more you can be confident that the adjustments can be put in place in time. 

A disability adviser will help you to review your requirements and assist you with preparing your supporting evidence. They’ll also be able to let you know how the Student Learning Skills team may help support you in your studies.


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