We want to give you the confidence to prepare for your assessments and reassessments and help you perform your best.

Your learning is assessed in a number of ways so that you, and the University, can be sure that you are gaining the required skills, knowledge and marks to enable you to progress and achieve an award.

Whatever form your assessment takes, the key thing is that it must allow you to demonstrate the learning outcomes of the module. You must make sure that you know what the learning outcomes are and are clear about what is expected of you for each assessment as outlined in your Module Guide.

How do I understand my feedback?

It is important that you check your marks even if you think you know what the results will be, so that you confirm what you have achieved and decide if you require to take any further action. Take time to read through any comments and reflect on the feedback you are given. 

You can then consider what aspects of the feedback can feed into your own targets and actions in terms of developing your academic work.

If you have not passed an assessment or not engaged with an assessment you should reflect on why and what support you need to get back on track. Your feedback will explain the key elements of your submitted work which you may need to be built upon.

If you would like to discuss how to access your feedback to improve your grade in future assessments you should contact your Personal Academic Tutor or Course Director.

Check out the Learning Skills Hub "Engaging with feedback" module

This online module will explore how to engage with your assignment feedback, help you reflect on how you are engaging with feedback currently, and offer practical advice on how to make the most of it.

My personal academic tutor

How can I support myself?

After you have accessed your feedback and received your results, use the checklist below to help you reflect and identify what support you needYou can also contact your Learning Developers in your Faculty for advice and exam tips.

What do I need to understand?

How can I support my understanding?

More about what you are being assessed in and the assessment criteria

  • Book a tutorial with your Personal Academic Tutor or Course Director

What you need to revise for if you have to retake an exam

  • Book a tutorial with your Personal Academic Tutor or Course Director
  • Skills for Study – Exam Skills Module
  • Book to meet your Faculty Learning Developer

What or how to develop content for your written work you are submitting

  • Book a tutorial with your Faculty Learning Developer


Digital or technical IT support to complete an assessment

How to research effectively

  • Book to meet your Learning and Research Librarian for guidance on finding information or visit the Learning Skills Hub for useful modules

How to use Turnitin effectively


Understand how to avoid plagiarism and reference effectively

Help with time management or exam skills

Help with a disability or mental health



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