Understanding what academic integrity is, and why it matters, is fundamental to your personal and professional development at university. Being aware of practices that constitute academic misconduct, such as plagiarism, and learning how to avoid them, ensures you will gain the maximum benefit from your studies. This module explains the role of academic integrity at university, and how the practice of referencing supports it; it describes ten different types of academic misconduct and provides a warning about contract cheating; it identifies six skills you can develop to avoid plagiarising; and it provides links to further resources for your development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what Academic Integrity is and the role referencing plays in maintaining it
  • Learn about the 10 main types of academic misconduct and why contract cheating is so risky
  • Consider the skills that help students avoid plagiarising
  • Know where to access resources to help develop the skills to avoid plagiarising

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Author(s): Emma Scanlan

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