There's plenty of places to print, scan and copy on-campus. And if you need to print from off-campus you can use the i-Print service and collect your print on a campus multi-functional device (MFD) later. 

To print, copy and scan documents in black and white or colour on A3 and A4 paper, use the MFDs on campus.

They're in lots of convenient locations and you can use our online campus map to find the rooms they are in:


Anselm Ag10 Corridor 


Augustine House

AH2.03 - Front

AHg1.03 - Rear

AHg.03 - Rear 

AHg1.03 - Front

AHg.03 - Rear

AH2.03 - Rear

AH3.05 - Front

AH3.05 - Rear



Eg18 (postgraduate students only)



Ground Floor

Second Floor


Hall Place




Hepworth HS Bridge



Johnson Corridor Jg11



Lg14 Student Lounge

Lg90 Touchdown /Foyer

Lg27a OAA

Lg90 Touchdown /Foyer 


Old Sessions House

Old Sessions House reception 



Powell Corridor 


St Georges

Student Union Ground Floor


Cathedral Court

CCg18 Breakout Room 

CCf21 Breakout Room

CCs04 Photocopier Room


Rowan Williams

RWg97Zi Touchdown 

RWs36 Photocopier Room 

RWs20 Photocopier Room

RWg97Zi Touchdown




3rd Floor Library

3rd Floor Library

The MFDs are fast and reliable but if you find there’s a print fault on any device, please report it to the i-zone.

Remember to make sure that your printing, photocopying and scanning falls within copyright. For support with copyright, refer to the copyright helper.

Printers in student labs

If you’re working in a lab, your prints will default to the desktop printer in that lab.

Both MFDs and lab printers cost the same per print/copy and are paid for using print credits.

Printing off-campus using i-Print

With the i-Print service, you can print to the HP MFDs from your own PC or mobile device, both on or off campus. Your documents are uploaded for printing via your wired, wireless or mobile internet connection, so you don’t need to be on campus to send the file to print. You can then just print on campus when you’re ready.

With i-Print you can:

  • Upload common file types like Microsoft Office, plain text, images, Open Office and Adobe PDF files.
  • Select specific document pages to be printed.
  • Print web pages.

You can choose colour or black and white printing. Print credit charges are the same as printing from a university computer.

Paying for printing and copying

You pay for your printing and copying using print credits.

Your printing account is automatically credited with £15 in print credits every September and you can top up (minimum amount £1) online using your debit or credit card. You can also view and top up your balance online

Click here for Online Print Payment System Terms and Conditions

Printing and photocopying cost

Print type


A4 Mono single-sided prints


A4 Mono double-sided prints


A4 Colour single-sided prints


A4 Colour double-sided prints


A3 Mono single-sided prints


A3 Mono double-sided prints


A3 Colour single-sided prints


A3 Colour double-sided prints



Reprographic Service

If you need something printed and/or bound, our Reprographic Team are happy to help. 

They can provide the following:

  • Comb Binding with PVC Covers the cost £2.00 per book
  • Fastback Binding with PVC Covers the cost £2.50 per book
  • Poster Printing £4.00 for A2, £5.00 for A1 and £8.00 for A0

They are situated in the Ramsey Building and are open 10am until 12:30pm and 2pm until 4pm (Monday to Friday). For further details or to place an order please email