Technology Enhanced Learning Strategy

Our strategic objective is “to develop increasingly flexible modes of delivery including through part-time and blended learning opportunities”.  CCCU Strategic Framework 2015-2022.

CCCU has a clear strategic direction towards the integration of modern teaching and learning methodologies into existing and future curricula. Our intention to develop suitably skilled, employable graduates requires that we meet the emerging expectations of both students and employers through the development of a distinctive and flexible learning experience. To do this we need to provide our students with opportunities to engage with current real-world technologies while also providing them with the opportunities to learn anywhere, anytime. Through all of this, it is imperative that our investment in technology is driven by the needs of our learning, teaching and research.

To meet our strategic objective, high quality technology enhanced learning will require a committed, well-resourced and funded effort. The following areas identify those with high student impact and high reputational outcomes.

  • Blended Learning
  • Digital Learning Thresholds
  • Infrastructure
  • Digital Literacy
  • Communities of Practice
  • Learning Analytics
  • Evaluation

The above strategic TEL areas have been aligned to the nine L&T principles of the Learning & Teaching Strategy 2015-2022.

Download the full TEL Strategy here


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