Graduate Attributes

Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) Graduate Attributes aim to articulate what a student, who engages with the opportunities available, will develop during their time at CCCU.

Following University-wide consutlation, followed by wider dissemination and User Testing with key stakeholders, the University's Graduate Attributes Statement and set of Graduate Attributes was approved by the University's Academic Board in June 2016.

The Graduate Attributes are embedded into the University curriculum, through the Learning and Teaching Strategy 2015-2020.

Canterbury Christ Church University is committed to the development of graduates who are intellectually curious, skilled and ethically engaged with the world and its future. Through transformative experiences, students have the opportunity to develop critical and imaginative thinking and compassionate responsibility.

  • Resilient and helps to bring about positive transformation in the face of continuous and rapid change.
  • Able to apply their knowledge and skills in order to thrive within a globalised society.
  • Engages critically and creatively with academic and professional communications through a range of media.
  • Participates in digital networks for learning and research.
  • Manages their digital reputation and online identity.
  • Confident in the use of digital devices, applications and services.
  • Understands and expresses their ideas and thoughts with confidence using a variety of media.
  • Develops rapport, respects diversity, has passion and can communicate with self-assurance.
  • Works effectively in collaboration with others.
  • Explores concepts and issues related to their academic programme of study and beyond, that have both local and international significance.
  • Aware of issues relating to social justice, ethics and wellbeing.
  • Understands the concepts of environmental stewardship.
  • Independent critical thinker with an intellectual curiosity.
  • Exercises initiative in applying thinking styles critically and creatively.
  • Able to develop and defend their own ideas with the capacity to challenge assumptions where necessary.
  • Possesses integrity and is able to instil confidence in others.
  • Adept at team working, adjusting their role as appropriate.
  • Lifelong learner; managing their own self development.
  • Recognises and approaches complex problems by making reasoned, ethical decisions.
  • Self-reflective and empathetic; being able to respect and appreciate other people’s points of view.
  • A developed sense of self purpose and a capacity for wonder.


The Graduate Attributes are delivered through the nine principles of the Learning and Teaching Strategy, 2015-2020. The Faculty Directors of Learning and Teaching play key roles in supporting Course Directors to identify opportunities for students to develop the Graduate Attributes within the context of their courses. 

Please view the case studies as examples of current best practice across the institution.


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