code of conduct

Code of Conduct

The University has a Student Code of Conduct and Unacceptable Behaviour Policy that sets out the behaviour we expect, helps protect people against inappropriate behaviour and explains the possible disciplinary action that could be taken.   

 As a student you need to:

  • respect and observe our rules and regulations
  • respect the rights and privacy of others
  • behave in an orderly manner in your academic and recreational activities on and off campus, in University accommodation, and in your daily life
  • be a proud ambassador for the University and the Students’ Union and represent them in a manner that best promotes their respective reputations
  • take shared responsibility for your guests when on University premises
  • take appropriate action when you see others acting inappropriately, for example by bringing it to the attention of the University or Students’ Union rather than intervening yourself
  • follow the relevant standards when undertaking professional training and undertaking organised sporting activities.

We will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour against a student, University employee or others visiting, working or studying at the University. The following behaviours are considered unacceptable, and may result in disciplinary action:

Physical Behaviour - Punching; Kicking; Slapping; Pulling hair; Biting; Expulsion;  Pushing; Shoving

Sexual Misconduct - Engaging in a sexual act without consent ; Attempting to engage in sexual intercourse or a sexual act without consent; Sharing, including by electronic means, private sexual materials about another person without consent; Kissing without consent; Touching people inappropriately through their clothes without consent; Inappropriately showing sexual organs to another person, including by electronic means ; Stalking, including repeatedly following another person;;Making unwanted remarks of a sexual nature, including by electronic means.

Abusive behaviour - Threats to hurt another person; Abusive comments relating to an individual’s sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, race, pregnancy/maternity, marriage/civil partnership, gender reassignment, disability or age, including unacceptable behaviour committed by electronic means;  Acting and/or speaking in an intimidating and/or hostile manner.

For full details on the Student Disciplinary Procedures click here


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