Homestay accommodation is where you live with a local family based in Canterbury. Homestay offers you the opportunity to practise your English and experience British culture, and is a useful option for short stays.

Every Homestay is different and so an allocation does not necessarily mean you will be staying with a conventional family of two parents with children. The family unit may include single parents or people living alone.

Accommodation options

Your accommodation will contain a comfortable bed and storage space for your clothes and personal belongings. Standard or twin rooms are available at various prices.

There are different bathroom arrangements; from en-suite to sharing with the family or other guests.

Use of kitchen during your stay varies. Light use of kitchen allows you to make yourself a sandwich, make drinks and possibly use the microwave, using provisions you have bought. Use of kitchen means you use facilities at times you agree with your host.

Board options

Half board includes an evening meal each day with your family at meal times. Bed & Breakfast offers a daily breakfast, such as fruit juice, toast or an egg with tea/coffee.


Many homes are within walking distance of the city centre. Others are a short bus or train journey away meaning that you may incur travel expenses and will need to consider travel time. We will discuss your options and Host availability with you during the allocation process.

Length of stay

Minimum stay is two weeks.

Special requirements

If you have specific requirements such as sharing preferences, please include this when you apply, and we will try to accommodate these if possible.

Prices – 2023-24

Standard room

Total £ per week

Bed and Breakfast/use of Kitchen


Half Board/light use of Kitchen


Standard ensuite room (ensuite/own bathroom)


Bed and Breakfast/use of Kitchen


Half Board/light use of Kitchen


 Twin room


Bed and Breakfast/use of Kitchen


Half Board/light use of kitchen


Twin ensuite room (ensuite/own bathroom)


Bed and Breakfast/use of kitchen


Half Board/light use of kitchen


These fees are effective from the 1st May 2023 and will be reviewed yearly.

Please note: Most accommodation fee payments for homestay are due in advance before you arrive. This will be confirmed at time of offer.