Student Family Accommodation Advice

We have a limited number of rooms or studio and one bed flats for couples. We only have a very small number of houses we can offer for students with children in Canterbury. We do not currently have our own accommodation for students with children in Medway.

We cannot guarantee accommodation for couples, their families or single parent families. We do have modern three bed houses available in Dover Street, Canterbury at £2000 a month, but most families find that they can find cheaper accommodation in the private sector. 

Home and International students with young dependants are strongly recommended to first arrive in Canterbury or Medway on their own to find suitable accommodation, before bringing their family to the area/ UK to join them. Please bear in mind that this can be difficult to arrange and can often take weeks rather than days to organise. We strongly encourage you to view all private accommodation before committing to a property.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend that students with families come to the UK first to organise accommodation before bringing their family over. Please do not organise single University accommodation if you are planning to bring your family to the UK during that year as you will be tied into your accommodation contract for the full period.

Finding a private property

It is important to view property if possible before signing any private accommodation contact and you should check your contract before signing. This is particularly important for international students who may not be aware of their rights as tenants in the UK. Students who leave private accommodation early will find themselves responsible for full payment, until the end of their contract. It is important that you know what you are signing up for and that the housing you have found is appropriate for your family's situation.

You will need to consider an appropriate budget for the private sector. Typical prices start from monthly rent cost as shown below, and can rise considerably based on the area and accommodation you want.

Location2 bed3 bed
Canterbury £850 £1000
Medway £800 £900

Other costs have to be paid on top including heating, electricity, internet and water costs. If you have a partner living with you who is not a student you may also have to pay council tax.

Some properties are unfurnished. You may find cheaper used furniture at these community furniture stores: Abacus Furniture or Necessary Furniture.

Details of family accommodation in the Canterbury and the Medway area can be found through independent private sector letting agents, Rightmove and Zoopla.

For advice on finding private accommodation, refer to:

Deciding where to live may be affected by a range of factors including the proximity to schools and other family-focused services. 

University recommendations

The University has not visited, inspected or approved the accommodation and services offered by local landlords and letting agents advertising on these sites or other external providers. Prospective tenants should therefore expect variations in the suitability and possibly the standards of the housing offered.

The University does not accept any liability or responsibility for the quality of the accommodation offered or the services provided by these landlords or agents or the content of any external websites in this information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come on my own and stay in university accommodation, while I look around for family housing?

Students who accept a place in University accommodation with or without their families are expected to honour their contract for the full contracted period. If you come on your own you would be expected to stay and pay for that accommodation unless we can find another student to take your place. Often this does not happen. We would usually thus say no to early release from our contract.

Can you be a guarantor for me if I am coming from overseas?

We cannot be a guarantor for you. You may have family based in the UK who may do this for you. Other options are to see if you can pay more rent in advance if you are happy with the accommodation and landlord. The International Office can provide a letter confirming your study, if needed. You may be able to provide information from anyone who is providing funding for your study such as your employer. There are some agencies who may assist with being a guarantor such as Housing Hand. Please note this has not been checked or verified by CCCU.


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