Sustainability is at the heart of our University’s values and mission. There are a range of ways in which students can get involved in supporting the University and the Students’ Union to be a better, more energy-efficient, more environmentally-conscious and more sustainable place to study.

Student Green Office

The Student Green Office is a sustainability office run by students for students and aims to promote sustainability across the University through events, publications, blogs and social media. There are three paid-part time student members and a range of volunteering opportunities available.

Work Placements

The Sustainability Team often offer short term or summer work placements for students in project work, branding development, campaign planning and more.

Futures Initiative

Each year, staff and students can seek funding from the Future Initiative to support the development and implementation of a sustainability–related project at Christ Church. Contact the Sustainability Team for details.

Academic Support

If you or your tutor want to explore a sustainability project as part of your programme the Sustainability Team would be happy to discuss this with you and look at how they can support you.

Students’ Union

Being Green is a key Students’ Union commitment and work with the CCSU Eco Students Society on composting on campus, community litter picking, recycling and fairtrade.



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