Build your skills and experience and give something back to the community by volunteering. Our friendly volunteering team can help you find the right opportunity no matter how much time you can spare. From placements in charities or not-for-profit organisation, to roles within the University there's lots on offer whether you can spare a few hours or a day a week. 

You can find out more and search for volunteering opportunities on the Christ Church Volunteering Platform, or by emailing the team at

There are lots of great reasons to volunteer - you can connect with new people and opportunities, improve your mental wellbeing and boost your skills and CV to make you career-ready. And all the while you can feel good knowing you’re helping others.

The beauty of our volunteering project, is that not only are we helping the lonely but we are also furthering our development and continuing to improve our communication skills, which are arguably the most important aspect of working in care.

AlexanderMental Health Nursing Student and Coordinator for COVID-19 Telephone Befriending Service in Whitstable

And don't forget you can also volunteer your time by being part of one of the many Students' Union sports and society committees and give back to something you love. 

As a volunteer, you can log every hour spent volunteering on your Christ Church Volunteering Profile. You’ll then be working towards one of four Certificates in Volunteering – Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum – helping your CV or LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd.

I would recommend volunteering to any student, not only because it adds to your employability but because it can add depth to your life that you did not realise possible.

RebekahBiology Student and Volunteer at The Wildwood Trust


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