Ivanka Antova



I arrived at CCCU in 2007 to do a combined honours degree in Politics and Communications. After a year, I realised that the modules offered by the Politics degree were what I was truly interested in and opted to be part of the first ever single honours Politics and Global Governance course. Undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have made! The subjects we covered were challenging, engaging and informative. There was a wide range of topics available to me: from political philosophy, through European politics, to international relations and peace building. I learned a lot and shaped my personal political views through my interactions with both fellow students and staff. The support and guidance I got from the dedicated lecturers team was fantastic! They gave me the appropriate academic tools to develop my critical thinking, research skills and knowledge base. In my second year I co-chaired the student-led politics society at CCCU, Making Politics Matter, and got my first experience in organising and participating in the political and intellectual life of my University. This opportunity inspired my future academic and professional choices: internships with leading human rights NGOs, participation in trade unions and grassroots activism. Most importantly, my undergraduate experience as a Politics student at CCCU formed the solid base of my ongoing work in academia. After my BSc, I went on to complete a LLM in Human Rights at Queen’s University Belfast and I am currently finishing a PhD on a socio-legal topic that combines my undergraduate and postgraduate research interests. When I look back at my undergraduate experience at CCCU, I have very pleasant memories of being welcomed in a friendly and challenging academic atmosphere, and being allowed to discover and develop myself as an academic and activist.


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