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Politics students are often asked, ‘What will you do with your degree? Do you really want to be a politician?’ While some politics graduates do want to become MPs, there are many, many more career possibilities available to you.

Our degrees equip graduates with the specific knowledge required to build a career in the wider political arena. Many of our graduates are working as policy advisors and consultants in think tanks, lobby groups, NGOs and international organizations such as the UN. Two of our graduates (Andrew Achilleos, James Dee) worked as campaign managers for Labour and the Conservatives in the 2015 General Election and successfully retained their candidates seats. 

Andrew Achilleos

Andrew Achilleos

James Dee

James Dee


"The skills I have acquired while studying Politics at CCCU have undoubtedly shaped and steered my professional life."

Carmen Manea, Global Politics graduate

Key skills

Our degrees provide students with the key skills required to be successful in many other careers too. Graduates will develop core analytical and communication skills which are required in all kinds of professions from teaching and journalism to sales and marketing. Our graduates have used these skills to find employment in a range of sectors including financial services, charities, public sector administration, pharmaceutical, software and aviation industries.

A politics degree is also an excellent route into further study and many of our students decide to continue their education, rather than immediately enter the workforce. Some have progressed to Masters level study at prestigious universities in the UK and overseas, several have won scholarships to make a first step into an academic career.

Work experience

Throughout our degree programmes we include opportunities for students to develop and enhance their workplace skills alongside deepening understanding of the subject material. Students will engage with practitioners, alumni, careers advisors and a variety of speakers.

We encourage, support and facilitate student work experience at all levels. Many of our students have used their own initiative to positions working for MPs, MEPs, and the UN. For the past few years we have been working closely with the Parliamentary Outreach team at Westminster and several of our students have benefitted from placements with the team, fully supported by our programme. We also offer short term employment opportunities to our students as researchers on academic projects. 

Student internships

We support and facilitate student work experience at all levels. Many of our students have completed placements working for MPs, MEPs, and the UN. Here, some of our students describe their experiences working as interns during their time at CCCU. Find out more by browsing our student intern profiles.

Politics was ranked in the top 5 in the UK for Overall Quality.

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