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Business support

We are committed to supporting the business community by applying knowledge for the benefit of economic growth and development. Both staff and students are involved in business support activities for organisations, including:

  • The Folkestone Harbour Company: supporting a public consultation process for the Folkestone Seafront redevelopment.
  • The Creative Foundation: evaluating the economic impact of the Folkestone Triennial.
  • Progressio: developing a signature fundraising product.
  • The Umbrella Centre: students developing a fundraising campaign.

Research and Consultation

We have a rapidly developing research programme, with dedicated research groups working on a wide variety of applied research projects together with local, national and international organisations, including:

  • Cammegh: developing a marketing and communications strategy a world leading producer of roulette wheels.
  • NHS, National Institute for Health Research: ground breaking research to improve clinical practice and patient safety in acute kidney injury.
  • Turner Contemporary: identifying a methodology for capturing the Social Return in the context of the Gallery activity.
  • eMar: an EU funded project focusing on electronic information exchange in the maritime industry.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

If you're a UK business, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) enable you to access our expertise and employ graduates to work on projects of strategic need to your company, and to improve competitiveness, productivity and performance.

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a three-way partnership between your organisation, a graduate and Canterbury Christ Church University. Part-funded by the government, the scheme provides access to academic skills and expertise to businesses who wish to innovate, expand or improve their performance.

The partnership involves one or more qualified individuals to facilitate this transfer of skills and expertise. They work within your organisation on a project central to your needs and are jointly supervised by company personnel and a senior academic.

Recognition of Excellence   

A partnership formed to drive innovation in the charity sector won a prestigious award at the 2013 knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) Awards.


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