Learning Outcomes

As a form of self-care, writing a journal can be very beneficial. Giving yourself an opportunity to attend to your thoughts and feelings in your journal can help you to regulate your emotions and improve your understanding of yourself. It can also provide a way of developing a better relationship with yourself.

A journal is a flexible item that you can adapt to your own needs. You can use journal writing to plan your day, express feelings, or explore a situation that troubles you. You can also use it as a way of reflecting on patterns in your life.

Journal writing can be a useful starting point for any further work on yourself in counselling because regular use of a journal can help you to understand yourself better. Writing a journal can lead to an improved perspective on issues you face and can provide a way of exploring creative solutions. It can also be transformative.

  • Methods on how to keep yourself safe
  • Choosing the approach that suits you
  • How to use prompts
  • Ways to incorporate self-reflection
Author(s): Carol Dalton

Last updated: August 2021