Learning Outcomes

When returning to a new year of study after a break, it can be difficult to consider ways to progress from your first academic year, whilst also learning new content. 

To help make things easier, this module has been created to offer you a self-directed resource to access information from one place, anytime, anywhere.

Each section contains information that will encourage you to think about how you can continue to evolve into an independent learner. It is designed to promote reflection on your last academic year and consider opportunities to progress as you return to study. 

We will also contain important information and resources, as well as signposts to our fantastic support services.


By completing this module, you will:

  • Be informed of expectations for each year of study.
  • Refresh on the services available to support your during your studies.
  • Be motivated to reconnect with your peers and find confidence in your social skills.
  • Set goals as an independent learner.

To navigate through this module, please click on the links in the menu on the right-hand side or if you are using a mobile phone these links will appear below.

Author(s): Jodie Calleja

Last Updated: August 2021