The University’s archives and special collections are held in Augustine House.

Welcome to our Archives and Special Collections A-Z guide where you can browse our collections. We have included the parent collection to help you explore our collections by theme.

Nineteenth century literature is a particular strength, with literary gems such as the Mary Braddon Archive, the Sarah Grand Collection, the Gaskell Collection and the Historical Children’s Fiction Collection. In addition, the University’s own archive of its history along with a small selection of eclectic historic books complete the collection. You can request to see items at the Library Point (ground floor of Augustine House).


Collection Parent Collection
Arts and Culture Collection CCCU Archive
Bessie Marchant Collection Local Studies Collection
College of Guidance Studies (COGS): 1948-2000 CCCU Archive
David Baron Collection Faith Collection
Dover Methodist Scrapbook Faith Collection
Gaskell Collection ICVWW Collection
Governors’ Records: 1961 – ongoing CCCU Archive
Hesba Stretton ICVWW Collection
Historical Children Fiction's Collection Historical Collection
Historical Education Collection Historical Collection
Historical Reference Historical Collection
Jocelyn Brooke Collection Local Studies Collection
John Strange Winter (Henrietta Vaughan Stannard) Collection ICVWW Collection
Kentish Tales Local Studies Collection
Kent History Local Studies Collection
Mary Elizabeth Braddon Archive ICVWW Collection
Nic Costa Archive Creative Arts Collection
Quaker Book Collection Faith Collection
Sarah Grand Collection ICVWW Collection
Unofficial Archive: 1961- ongoing CCCU Archive
Victorian Periodicals Historic Collection
W.B. Maxwell Collection (see see M.E. Braddon) ICVWW Collection

If you would like to know more about using archives and special collections in your studies, why not visit the Learning Skills Hub module Using Archives and Special Collections.