Happy to Chat areas are a relatively recent phenomenon that is spreading globally. A sign on a bench, picnic table, or an indoor area indicates that those who sit there are happy to chat to those who wish to stop and talk. 

During our Diamond Jubilee, we’re inviting staff and students from across our campuses – whether as individuals or groups – to adopt an item of furniture to decorate for designation as a Happy to Chat area. The spaces may be painted, decorated, or enlivened with soft furnishings. Paint and brushes can be provided, though donations of these items and other decorative materials would be welcome.

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Areas and items to be decorated include:

  • Canterbury campus - a range of wooden outside benches and picnic tables and seating areas inside locations including Verena Holmes and Laud.
  • Medway campus - outdoor picnic benches
  • Salomons campus - outdoor picnic benches and indoor study areas

Email canterburychristchurchcreative@gmail.com to be given access to view photographs of the furniture/areas available for decoration and for guidance on submitting a proposal for the work you would like to do.

Proposals can be submitted any time between Tuesday 1 February 2022 and Thursday 30 June.

Image of wooden benches located on the grass outside the Johnson Building on Canterbury campus

A panel will meet at the end of each month to consider proposals received up until the end of the previous week, and they will notify you of the outcome. Panel members include:

  • Jae Fowler, MOSI Workstream Lead and Founder of Canterbury Christ Church Creatives
  • Paul Sims, Grounds and Garden Manager
  • John Hills, Sustainability Projects Officer
  • Kate Little, Head of Engagement CCCU Students’ Union
  • Dr Rohan Chauhan, Head of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement
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