Researching your assignments can seem like a big task so we offer lots of support to help you get going and find the information you need. 

From identifying appropriate material for your assignments to advising on how to conduct an effective literature search, our learning and research librarians can help. They can show you how to access different databases and online tools so that you can get ahead with your studies.

Before you start searching for information, ask yourself:

  • What do I want to know?
  • What sort of information will help me find it?

Your subject guide is a good place to check for suggestions of useful databases and websites but you can get help from a librarian too.

Depending on your subject and the information you need, you might want to access different resources. These could include:

Think about what you want to find out and choose alternative words to search – generally, a few key words work better than long sentences. For instance, if you don’t find what you’re looking for with the word ‘football’, you could try ‘soccer’.

You can also check out the Skills4Study Research Principles module and the Reading and Note-Taking module for more support.

Further Support

  • With LibrarySearch you can search books, journal articles and other materials. Watch the introduction on how to use LibrarySearch.
  • Intro to searching databases - If you want to search in more depth, then try the subject-specific databases with lots of journal articles. This video takes you through one way to search, which works on many of our most useful databases including Web of Science, CINAHL, British Education Index and many more.
  • Google Scholar: how to search effectively, how to link to our university LibrarySearch in order to access literature

The library staff really make the experience seamless. Each academic department has their own dedicated and incredibly knowledgeable librarian. I'd be lost without ours!

Lily Hardy-ThompsonLaw Student