To make it easy for you to know where you need to be and when, we provide you with a personalised online calendar that you can access on the go.

Your calendar (also known as Individual Student Timetable or IST) is personalised and displays only the teaching activities that apply to you.


Just log into your student email account and go to your calendar. Provided you’re enrolled on the correct modules and your programme administrator has allocated you to your individual teaching activities, you should be able to view your teaching activities for the current semester/trimester.


You can also access your calendar through My Timetables if you’ve been allocated to your teaching groups.

If you don’t have a personalised timetable you can go to My Timetables to build your own. Simply use the 'Find timetable' function to choose modules and/or programmes and then select the activities that you should be attending. Once you're happy with your timetable you can save and subscribe to it using the calendar of your choice.

Click here for a guide


To view all the timetables for the University you can access Uni Timetables.  Search for the timetable(s) you wish to view -module(s) and/or programme(s)- using the search function on the left-hand side. Please remember that Uni Timetables will display all the activities booked under a module/programme so it’s not individual to you.

To help you we have put together these information films:


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