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There are a range of resources, research and personal development opportunities to support our staff and their contribution to “Closing Our Gap”.

A range of data, resources, research and tools are available to help you develop your understanding and identify how you can contribute to the University’s objectives of reducing the black student attainment gap. 

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Our Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP), led by Learning and Teaching Enhancement (LTE), has content devoted to inclusive practice and if you are new to teaching we recommend you find out more about this sector-recognised qualification to teach in Higher Education.

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Workshops and staff development activities connected to Learning, Teaching and Assessment and the impact on attainment gaps are available to book via StaffSpace, or as a bespoke team activity, through LTE, on themes such as "Building Belonging for Retention and Success" and "Developing an Inclusive Curriculum Approach".

Our University Human Resources and Organisational Development Team also work to support our staff, student and institutional understanding of equality and diversity issues. The Development Programme includes:

  • Building Inclusive Groups and Teams - Two-hour interactive workshop, structured around a definition of inclusion as “a sense of uniqueness” plus “a sense of belonging”.
  • Assessing the Equality Impact and Building Inclusive Services - Through a series of exploratory questions, the workshop enables teams to design and develop a bespoke analytic toolkit to ensure the services they provide are inclusive for all.
  • Unconscious Bias - Three-hour interactive workshop which enables participants to define unconscious bias, recognise and control their own biases, identify the adverse impact unconscious bias can have, both on individuals and organisations and understood how unconscious bias can influence decision making.

The People, Culture and Inclusion team have developed a broad range of e-learning for staff focused on different areas of equality, diversity and inclusion.

There are two online modules on Equality and Diversity Essentials and Unconscious Bias available on the University E-Learning Portal

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The Black and Minority Ethnic Staff Network at CCCU is a network that invites colleagues from any part of the University to meet, share experiences and discuss ways in which we can help each other. They organise events, invite speakers, gather socially...and much more.

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