At Canterbury Christ Church we stand against racism, discrimination, harassment and bullying. We believe that everyone has a right to a good quality education, in which diversity is celebrated.

What is racism?

Racism is the oppression and marginalisation of individuals based on the colour of the their skin. It is a form of prejudice, hatred or discrimination against a person because of their skin colour and/or ethnicity and it largely affects individuals from Black, Asian and Minority ethnic backgrounds as well as individuals from mixed-heritage backgrounds. Racism can be overt (e.g. racial slurs) and/or covert in the form of micro-aggressions (e.g. touching an individual's hair because it is different or asking questions like, where are you from?) and systemic racism. The impact of racism on those that are experiencing it is damaging and long-lasting including feelings of upset, depression, loneliness and fear.

Racism is never OK and it is never the fault of the person experiencing it. Therefore, it is crucial that we all work together to tackle racism and promote racial equality.

About IMATTER/Allyship

Together we want to shine a light on racial inequalities, build a supportive learning and working community in which members of Christ Church and Christ Church Students' Union can stand together against racism. Most importantly, we recognise the importance of allyship in tackling racism and dismantling assumptions.

Through IMATTER and Allyship, we want the university community to come together to provide an opportunity for Black voices to be heard and non-black individuals to stand in solidarity.

Calling all Black students and staff to take part in the I Matter campaign

What is Allyship?

Allyship plays a critical role in helping us to dismantle inequalities within our society. Allyship involves being empathic, actively listening to the lived experiences of marginalised groups, calling out racism and standing in solidarity.

As an ally of the IMATTER/Allyship you will have the opportunity to support individuals from the black community and use your voice alongside theirs but not instead of. In this way we can all work together to promote racial equality within our society.

To take part in the IMATTER/Allyship campaign at Christ Church please sign the pledge and post a picture using the IMATTER/Allyship hashtags.

Pledge to be an Ally

10 tips for impactful Allyship

  1. Amplify the voices of marginalised groups.
  2. Actively listen to the voices and lived experiences of marginalised groups. Respect their experiences and understand that it will be different from your own experiences.
  3. Understand and educate yourself on your own privileges and understand how they may impact on others.
  4. Stand up in solidarity even when it may be difficult.
  5. Check in on friends. It is important that you show up for friends and provide support through actions.
  6. Understand and recognise your own biases when it comes to race.
  7. Commit to changing your behaviour and learning from your mistakes and assumptions.
  8. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Conversations on race and racism is difficult but they need to happen in order for us to progress.
  9. Speak up for marginalised groups and not over them.
  10. Lead with empathy, put yourself in someone else’s shoes before passing judgement but always remember that you should treat people how they want to be treated.


At Canterbury Christ Church University we do not tolerate racism, bullying, harassment and violence of any kind. Any staff, students or visitors to  the University that experience or witness any form of racism to report using our Report + Support system.

An Education on Race

We have several useful resources that you can use to educate yourself on race, racism, and privilege. View the resources now.

Staff member Kristy shares her personal reflections on anti-racism practice and the journey towards allyship. Read the blog now