Jamaican Bible Remix

The Jamaican Bible Remix is a multi-platform project comprising of an audio album, Bible study and a monograph.

Stage One

The first stage of the project is the production of a studio album. The album samples audio from The Jamaican New Testament Version (Di Jamaikan Nyuu Testament) and mixes it with [1] contemporary urban music (grime, two-step, R & B, drum and bass) and [2] liberation theology interpretation of the selected Bible passage. Each track is accompanied by a Bible study on a particular scripture.

Stage Two

The second stage of the project is the researching of the use of the album. We are interested to see how the album and Bible studies are reworked, re-edited and remixed in a variety of contexts – both inside and outside of religious settings.

Stage Three

The final stage of the project is a write up. The ultimate aim is to develop a new theological method or way of doing theology inspired by [a] digital recording techniques (layering), [b] the creation of musical artefacts and [c] audience responses to the artefacts.

Professor Robert Beckford

Professor Beckford researches in written, visual and audio texts and has won numerous awards, including a BAFTA. He has presented over twenty television documentaries on commercial television stations, including Channel 4, BBC 2, BBC4 and Discovery USA. Professor Beckford has also worked as radio presenter for BBC Radio.


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