We’re actively finding ways to shape our policies, initiatives and future around gender equality.

International Women’s Day is one way that our community celebrates the historical, cultural and political achievements of women in our community and beyond. 


Gender equality in the workplace and in the education we provide is critical.

Since 2015, the University has been an Athena SWAN Charter member. We’re proud to have attained an institutional Athena SWAN Bronze Award in November 2016, in recognition of our commitment to achieving gender equality throughout the University. We will be embarking on an ambitious plan to achieve a Silver Award by 2023. 

We’re extremely proud to be a founder member the  South East Action Leaning (SEAL) group. The SEAL programme brings aspiring women leaders together, from universities across the South East, to build a network of peers who can support each other to succeed in their career aspirations.

Supporting the Women of Ukraine

A message from Professor Alison Honour, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

“On this day we want to show our compassion and support for the women of Ukraine.

The military action and conflict in Ukraine is causing a humanitarian crisis which is having a devasting effect on the lives of all Ukrainian people. But today, we should think about the particular impact on women and girls in Ukraine for those that have chosen to stay and fight, to provide medical care and those that have been forced to flee the dangers of war with their children and families, leaving partners, sons and loved ones behind with an uncertain future ahead of them. We know that the long-term impact of war, in Ukraine and in different parts of the world, can disproportionately affect women and we must think of them and show our support today.

We can often feel helpless in such desperate times, but as a University we are coming together to support the emerging humanitarian response. By donating to the Disaster Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal our community can support a co-ordinate response by several charities including the Red Cross, who are in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries providing food, water, shelter and medical assistance. You can also donate to the UN Women fund which is committed to protecting and empowering Ukrainian women and girls in this time of need.

Today and every day we stand with the women of Ukraine.”

Canterbury Christ Church

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