The University aspires to provide an inclusive learning community and aims to work with all our students to achieve their goals.

The University has a range of networking opportunities, representation groups and support services dedicated to supporting our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students ensuring you feel welcome, included and part of the wider university community.

The Canterbury Christ Church BAME Student Network 

The Canterbury Christ Church BAME Student Network provides a space for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students to support each other throughout their studies, network, discuss challenges and promote race equality and diversity. It is also a place to hold events including webinars and signpost students to important information and services.

Members of the BAME student network play an active role in shaping the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda including working as partners to develop curriculum, procedural changes and sitting on the University’s Closing Our Gap Strategy Group.

The BAME student network is open to all CCCU students that identify as a member of the Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic community.

CCCU BAME network aims

  • Provide a supportive space for BAME students at CCCU
  • Provide a network that builds a sense of belonging and community
  • Collaborate with key services across the University to promote BAME interest
  • Organise and host events that promote BAME interest and the University’s EDI agenda.

If you would like to join the BAME student network please complete this form

If you are a non-BAME student and would like to be a network ally and support the work of the BAME student network please email

BAME peer mentors

Our student peer mentors are trained to provide a safe and confidential space for fellow students to talk freely and ask questions, providing reassurance and guidance to help you succeed by sharing their knowledge and experience.

We have a diverse pool of student peer mentors for you to choose from. Our students are from various backgrounds, with different experiences including several BAME peer mentors.


Students' Union and the SU BAME Officers

The Students' Union provides independent representation if you feel that you would be more comfortable talking to someone outside of the University, while Student Course Representatives are elected by you to give feedback on key issues affecting your student experience.

Visit the CCSU website...

The Students’ Union Council is made up of 22 elected Officers who represent all of the cohorts across the University. There are two dedicated BAME Officers to represent BAME students.

More on the Students' Union Council...

Student Support and Wellbeing

Whether you are a BAME student seeking guidance to help you successfully continue with your studies, looking for a safe space to talk or need support with your mental health we are here to help. We have BAME Counsellors and Mental Health Practitioners

Visit the Student Support area of the student webpages for more details...

Report and Support

We believe that bullying, harassment and hate crime are never OK and we want you to feel confident that reporting of any incidents at Christ Church will be taken seriously.

If you have witnessed or experienced bullying or harassment, we are here to support you.

All staff, students and visitors to our campus can report something either anonymously or with contact details via our online Report and Support tool. If you provide your name, one of our advisers will be in contact within 3 working days. Reports can be about an individual, a group of people or cultures.

Closing Our Gap

Through consultations with Staff and Students across the University, we have developed a Closing Our Gap Framework in which, we have identified 3 focus areas to help improve the student experience and academic success:

  1. Culture: The University is committed to creating an environment that celebrates diversity in which our core values are reflected.
  2. Curriculum: The University is committed to developing diverse and inclusive curricula that are representative and reflective of the staff and student body.
  3. Community: The University is committed to developing a friendly, inclusive and professional community that fosters good relationships and a sense of belonging in which everyone is heard and respected.

Our Closing Our Gap Framework, sets out our commitments and a clear roadmap for positive and lasting change, provides the opportunity for us to work together as partners in learning and will be under constant review to ensure we are making progressive change.