If you’re coming to the end of your degree, or you’ve graduated recently, GradForce can help prepare you for the graduate workplace with their exclusive Get Hired! employability programme.

GradForce is an Office for Students (OfS) funded project created to help equal the playing field and close the attainment gap. We work exclusively with under-represented groups within the University to ensure that all students from CCCU leave University with equal opportunity to transition into graduate-level employment.

We aim to help you in a number of ways:

  • Learn what employers are looking for in a good employee
  • Build confidence in yourself and realise what you have to offer an employer
  • Understand how to nail the graduate job selection process

GradForce Get Hired! programme

GradForce have created the exclusive FREE Get Hired! training programme which is due to take place between February 2021 – May 2021. Each session will be offered on at least three separate dates and times to give you the option to choose your best availability. The programme comprises of 5 core topics that focus on building on your strengths, enabling a growth mindset ready to face challenges, giving realistic expectations and fully preparing you for the graduate recruitment cycle.

In order to complete the programme, you must attend all of the core sessions. Successful completion of the programme will not only result in confidence and preparation in entering the graduate job market, but also a signed certificate you can add to your LinkedIn profile and to your CV.

As much as we would love to work with every student, we can only accept up to 60 students onto the Get Hired! programme during the academic year 2020/2021. You must be a final year undergraduate, postgraduate, recent unemployed alumnus or recent graduate currently working in a non-graduate role to apply for the programme and we will actively select students from under-represented groups, including:

  • BAME students
  • Students with disabilities
  • First-generation students

How do I apply?

Applications for February – May 2021 have now closed.

In the meantime, there is plenty of career support you can access right now. If you would like to access free workshops, digital skills training, job application support and career coaching, you can access the Careers & Enterprise Hub throughout the duration of your degree and three years after graduation. And if you’re a current student or graduate looking for temporary work at Christ Church or in the local community, Unitemps can help. 

Attend FREE Get Hired! Events

Many new graduates are unaware of what to expect or what is required of them as they move on from University. Being a graduate requires a graduate mentality and GradForce will ensure you leave Christ Church with that. One of the aims of GradForce is to help develop your confidence to think and act like a professional by understanding yourself and knowing what an employer looks for in a recent graduate employee.

If you are in your final year and missed out on signing up to the Get Hired! programme, or if you’re in your second year, you can attend one of the FREE sessions now to get a taste of what GradForce offers final year students and recent alumni. You do not have to be registered to the GradForce programme to take part. We are offering a range of virtual sessions focusing on building your personal and professional development ready for entering the graduate workplace. The events are all FREE and can be booked now on our Eventbrite page.

Our aim at GradForce is to support students from under-represented groups at CCCU in their development of key skills and attributes they need when entering the graduate job market through our exclusive Get Hired! programme.

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