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If you are in your final year of study, GradForce can help fast track your graduate career with their exclusive GetHired! employability programme and graduate jobs.

Many new graduates are unaware what to expect or what is required of them as they move on from university. Being a graduate requires a graduate mentality, and GradForce will ensure you leave with just that. We have created the bespoke, FREE Get Hired! training programme to help maximise your employability potential, develop your confidence to think and act like a professional by understanding yourself and what an employer looks for in an employee, and provide access to graduate jobs.

Applications for the Get Hired! programme are currently closed. 

This year’s programme is now underway, and we are no longer taking new applicants. Stay tuned or email if you have any queries. As long as you will be a final year undergraduate or recent alumni (including those now doing a Masters) you may still apply for the programme next year.

Access a wealth of support from the Careers and Enterprise Team throughout the year on the Careers and Enterprise Hub.

The GradForce: Get Hired! programme opens at the start of the new academic year and is available to final year students and CCCU alumni (including those who are now postgraduate students at CCCU).

We are committed to levelling the playing field and supporting students who are most underrepresented in the graduate market. As such, we warmly welcome students from the following groups:

  • Students from black heritage
  • Students with visible or non-visible disabilities, including neurodiversity
  • Students from low socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Students from low participation areas
  • Students who are care experienced

If you have any questions, please do email us at

We are thrilled with the success of GradForce so far and have secured exclusive graduate roles for our students with local employers. The feedback from our employers has been excellent; confirming just how work-ready our graduates are.

FamyGradForce Project Lead

The Get Hired! Programme

Consisting of eight core topics that run alongside your usual lectures, learn how to recognise your strengths, build upon them, enable a growth mindset to face challenges positively, set accurate expectations and fully prepare for the graduate recruitment cycle. You’ll also have exclusive access to alumni mentors, allowing you to connect with experienced CCCU graduates who can help you develop your skills and industry knowledge.

The programme will begin with the initial induction workshop in November. Avoiding holidays and exam clashes, the rest of the workshops will take place until early March 2024. From April onwards, we will start matching your career goals with suitable graduate-level opportunities and help you get hired!

In order to complete the programme, you must attend all of the core sessions. Successful completion of the programme will not only result in confidence and preparation when entering the graduate job market, but also a signed certificate you can add to your LinkedIn profile and to your CV. The programme will conclude in a celebratory awards ceremony, where you will receive your certificate and voucher prizes are available to be won as a reward for your commitment, dedication and in recognition of becoming a GradForce graduate.

For businesses

Are you a business looking to access our students and graduates through GradForce? Visit our dedicated business web page for more information.

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