People are at the heart of building a sustainable future, and we are working hard to support our community’s wellbeing. 

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we want to “ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages”.

This includes support for mental and physical health, from peer support, learning and development opportunities including increasing knowledge of sustainability issues, to nurturing our physical and emotional welfare, such as through access to sport and exercise, and interaction with nature in our green spaces.

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A green space for our community 

Access to nature and green spaces are vital to wellbeing. We created our Johnson Wellbeing Garden to provide a relaxing environment for staff and students, giving people the chance to spend more time outdoors and enjoy our green campus. 

The garden is looked after by the Sustainability team, who run weekly “Potter and Prune” sessions for anyone who wants to help maintain and improve the garden, while learning about plant care and gardening.

The garden also hosts group meditation sessions and guided foraging lessons, where you can pick, brew and sip a cup of foraged tea. The allotment planters can be used by any staff and students who would like to try their hand at growing things, from flowers to fruit and vegetables. 

The garden has been designed to encourage diversity in both flora and fauna, including a large pond with a variety of plants and creatures, including newts and water skaters. Birds and squirrels are also frequent visitors to the garden. Nothing is wasted, with dead hedges and leaf piles providing spaces for insects and a hedgehog house. 

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Our Student Green Office 

We are supporting students in their sustainability journeys. Our Student Green Office (SGO) is run by students, for students, and helps to promote sustainability across the University. 

The SGO employs students year-round in part-time roles, who design and run their own sustainability events and engagement initiatives, as well as writing for the online blog  and communicating via their social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“This role helps you to develop your communication, teamwork and leadership skills like no other role could. I’ve been able to meet people I never would have done just in my degree, been a part of volunteering projects I never even knew existed and above all have gained such a huge appreciation for how sustainability fits into our wider day-to-day lives.”

Claire Nicholson, SGO Events Coordinator, 2016-2019

Through the SGO, students can get access to paid projects, as well as work experience and volunteering roles, with opportunities tailored to their sustainability interests and development needs. 

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