The University Master Plan for the next 20 years takes an integrated approach to the development of a sustainable university estate, that shows how the principles of Education for Sustainable Futures can be applied in practice.

The University also recognises that it has an impact upon the local and global environment and is committed to minimising any negative and enhancing the positive effects that the delivery of its activities have. It is committed to environmental good practice and maintains an externally certified ISO14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) to ensure continual improvement, prevention of pollution and compliance with all appropriate environmental legislation.

Our aims

  • Develop the University estate in a way that maximises educational, research and community benefit and enhances positive environmental impact
  • Develop our campus environments, recognising our sense of place within unique heritage locations
  • Integrate our built and natural environments in ways that embody our values; providing specific examples of our distinctive education and research profile
  • Maintain progress in reducing environmental impact, maintaining a focus on reducing our carbon emissions in support of sector and national targets

Organisational target

Ensure the principles and pedagogies of sustainability are integrated into the development of the built and natural environment.

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