The framework also acknowledges the need to engage with global and societal challenges and, through this, to support the development of research literacy in students and to build capacity among staff.

The University recognises the wealth of research and enterprise activity with a sustainability focus already being undertaken, both within specific disciplinary areas and through inter-disciplinary collaboration, and is committed to raising its profile and to developing further expertise. The introduction of the Teaching Excellence Framework, Research Excellence Framework and Knowledge Exchange Framework are additional drivers that support the development of this activity.

Our aims

  • Encourage the development of sustainability research within specific disciplinary areas and through inter-disciplinary collaboration
  • Promote the University’s reputation for leadership of and excellent practice in sustainability within the Higher Education sector and develop opportunities for mentoring, coaching and consultancy
  • Develop new thinking and practices for sustainability through collaboration locally, nationally and internationally
  • Share research and enterprise expertise in publications, research papers, conferences, and other appropriate forums
  • Encourage and seek opportunities for research and enterprise income generation

Organisational target

Establish a sustainability Research and Enterprise profile that is recognised across the University and beyond.

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