Vision statement 

By 2030 our University will be recognised as a centre for excellence in delivering equitable opportunities and outcomes for all of our people and communities. 

Embedding equity and inclusion into our culture 

It's essential that we continue to engage and listen to our community. Through multiple surveys and events, such as the Anti-Racism Listen and Learn sessions and Insight sessions, we have developed an inclusive and ambitious strategy that empowers our people's voices and drives positive change. 

Thanks to the close links we have fostered with our student, staff, and wider community, we have created a strategy that gives power to them, especially those from marginalised groups. 

Our new Equity and Inclusion Strategy has been designed to deliver our commitment to our people, our culture, and our community as laid out in Vision 2030. We aim to:

  • eliminate discrimination
  • promote equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • embed a strong sense of belonging in all that we do.

The strategy proactively seeks to deal with issues, both on a societal and University level. It will achieve this through continuous engagement, and ensuring our students' and staff's voices are heard and supported by effective policies.

Training and procedures will be put in place to equip and empower our leaders to create an inclusive and thriving learning environment at all levels within the University.

It's crucial that we establish collaborative networks to ensure that we, as a University, work together to drive the Equity and Inclusion Strategy forward. 

Here is an example of what we've achieved so far: 

  • established the Staff Networks Collaboration and Development Group
  • started a community-driven equality impact assessment project in partnership with Advance HE
  • established equity action plan groups in race and disability
  • appointed strategic leads and committees for equity and inclusion in each faculty
  • renewed our institutional Athena Swan Bronze Award
  • developed a new Equity and Inclusion Hub for staff.

We also held our first ever Equity and Inclusion conference, CCCBeU, in April, which brought staff and students together to hear their stories and experiences. There will be many more conferences to come, so keep an eye out for future events. 

It's an exciting time for CCCU, and through Vision 2030 and our Equity and Inclusion Strategy 2024-2027, there's a lot happening to ensure that our goals come to life.

For the 1st time our student and staff demographic data will be presented together in the Equity and Inclusion Annual Report 2024, highlighting our achievements and next steps for 2025.

We have partnered with Advance HE to develop a new Institutional Equality Impact Assessment Process to ensure we proactively identify discrimination, against our underrepresented communities, increasing accountability and impactful change.

Lastly, we are starting the process of applying for the Race Equality Charter, which aims to help universities to support in the progress and success of our Black, Asian, and minority ethnic students and staff. 

Stay posted for what else is to come through our Equity and Inclusion Strategy. 

Race equity

We are fully committed to short and long-term actions to improve our race equity and culture for all.

Through our Closing Our Gap strategic initiative, we continue to reduce the attainment gap for our Black, Asian, and ethnic minority students.

Through Black History 365, we also recognise, appreciate, and celebrate Black History throughout the year, not just in October.

What’s more, the CCCU BAME Student Network provides a space for our Black, Asian, and minority ethnic students to support each other and to promote race equity and diversity.

Sex and gender equity 

We are proud members for the Athena SWAN Charter and have an overall Bronze Award, recognising our commitment to promoting gender equality throughout the University.

We are also a founder member of the South East Action Learning (SEAL) group. Here, the programme brings aspiring women leaders together, building a strong network of women who support each other in their career aspirations.

What’s more, we continue to support women by:

  • Representing women in engineering – nearly 50% of our academic staff in the School of Psychology and Life Sciences is female, and nearly 40% is female in the School of Engineering, Technology and Design.
  • Creating and building networks for women around the University – The Women’s Staff Network continues to thrive since 2024 as it actively works to address gender equality issues. In 2021, we became an institutional member of Women’s Higher Education Network (WHEN) who amplifies the voices of all to champion and support women in the HE sector.
  • Advocating for our staff through family-friendly policies – We are an institution who supports all members of staff through offering flexible working arrangements, family-friendly facilities and support services, and occupational pay on our maternity, paternity/partner, adoption, and shared parental leave. We continue to strive for healthy work-life balances for our employees.

Disability equity 

We are committed to hiring and retaining staff with disabilities and are part of the Disability Confident Scheme. We ensure reasonable adjustments are made so that job applicants with disabilities can fully and fairly participate in the recruitment process.

Our disabled students remain at the forefront of our priorities and are continually supported through our Student Disability Service and Mental Wellbeing Team. The team also helps with Disabled Student Allowances (DSA), learning and placement support plans, dyslexia support, and reasonable adjustments for assessments.

Other support to ensure disability equality include:

  • Digital accessibility to ensure that all staff and students have access to digital platforms.
  • Offering Makaton workshops for all staff and students to ensure that we are a Makaton-friendly institution.
  • Building disability networks to give staff and students a space to support one another, raise awareness, and promote culture change around the University. Networks include the Disabled Staff Network and the CCCU Disabled Students Community.

LGBTQIA+ equity 

We strongly advocate for all our LGBTQIA+ staff and students. We have been a Stonewall Diversity Champion for over a decade, and we continue to work hard to promote an LGBTQIA+ inclusive workplace for all staff.

We also sponsor Pride Canterbury and work with them each year in preparation for the wonderful celebration of LGBTQIA+ identity in our vibrant and inclusive city. Our sponsorship of Pride Canterbury grows stronger every year and we are proud to be a part of the Pride community.

What’s more, we ensure that our LGBTQIA+ staff and allies feel support through the CCCq LGBTQIA+ network. CCCq has actively shaped the University’s policy and practice in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Our student LGBTQIA+ society also plays an active part in our University community and provides a safe space for all students to express themselves, have fun, and connect.

Religion and belief

Whilst we are an institution with a Christian foundation, we welcome and celebrate all religions and beliefs.

There are prayer rooms available for all staff and students on our main campus, and our Chaplaincy provides support, help, and encouragement to our CCCU community.

Regardless of someone’s religion or belief, the Chaplaincy provides an open-door policy for everyone within the University, providing support for students and staff. They also offer information about, and contact details for, local churches and other faith groups, highlighting their inclusive and welcoming community on campus.


CCCq (LGBTQIA+) network 

The CCCq network is made up staff who are members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community. Their thriving community has a lively Teams chat where members can chat to and support each other easily. There are also events that occur throughout the year, highlighting the network's emphasis on social connection within and beyond the University. 

If you'd like to get in contact, please email CCCq

Disabled Staff Network (DSN)

The DSN is a network for disabled staff members and those who are affected by disability. The network welcomes all disabilities, whether they are visible or non-visible. 

The DSN advocates for staff who are met with barriers and obstacles, and propose changes when necessary. With the goal of making university a welcome and inclusive place for staff with disabilities, the DSN are champions for our colleagues in this network. 

There is also a real emphasis on celebrating our disabled staff, recognising their hard work and contributions to the CCCU community.

If you'd like to get in contact, please email Geoff Marsh

Global Majority Staff Network 

The Global Majority Staff Network aims to bring together professional and academic colleagues who identify as Global Majority. The network is committed to an inclusive work environment where colleagues can share experiences, develop a sense of belonging, and support each other.

With a wealth of academic, professional, and lived experiences, the network aims to drive change and contribute to the University's Equity and Inclusion Strategy and Vision 2030,  that aims to 'eliminate discrimination, promote equity, diversity, and inclusion, and embed a strong sense of belonging in all that we do'.

They are committed to being open to all members who support the aims of the network, keen to continue working with colleagues who do not identify as Global Majority and warmly welcome your contributions.

If you'd like to get in contact, please email the Global Majority team

Interfaith Network

The Interfaith Network is a safe space for people of all faiths who believe that people work best when they are able to bring their whole self into the workplace . As a network it seeks to be a place where people feel welcomed and recognises the fact that inclusion of faith or belief is a positive aspect of a person’s wellbeing and approach to work and colleagues.

They host and promote interfaith dialogue and events whilst also supporting individual faith-based communities in living out their faith on campus. 

The Interfaith Network is distinct and separate from the Interfaith Council.

If you'd like to get in contact, please email the Chaplaincy

Staff Parents and Carers Network 

The CCCU Staff Parents and Carers Network welcomes colleagues who have off-campus responsibilities for children and individuals in a carer’s role.

The network hosts a thriving Teams site where parents and carers can communicate and support each other. The platform also has guidance, advice, relevant policies and shared resources on the platform, always available to help those in the network.

The network arranges in person and online meetings. However, as they are mindful of the work/life balance and additional responsibilities of members, these tend to be more occasional and aimed to encourage connecting.

If you'd like to get in contact, please email Helen Fisher

Women's Network 

The Women's Network is underpinned by a shared passion for raising the profile of women at CCCU, women empowerment, and creating a supportive, aspirational, and motivational space for women staff at all stages of their careers.

  • Celebrate – women’s achievements and contributions to the success of CCCU
  • Advocate – for all women particularly those working at CCCU
  • Represent – develop campaigns that drive meaningful change at CCCU proving a platform for the voice and views of women to be heard
  • Empower – empower members to push for meaningful change across the University achieving equity for women employed at CCCU
  • Support – provide a safe supportive and confidential environment for members to share information, discuss their experiences and reach out to each other for advice and support.

It’s important that all women are supported and have their voices amplified by the network. When referring to all women, they include women of colour, bisexual, lesbian, trans, non-binary, disabled, and those from all socio-economic classes.

If you'd like to get in contact, please email Suzanne Obrien

Women's Research Network 

Women academics face many obstacles when pursuing a research career. As a result they are more likely to be in precarious research positions and less likely to become professors or be submitted to REF exercises.

The Women's Research Network was created to advocate for the underrepresentation of women in active research. The aims of this new staff network are to:

  • Empower women researchers at all career stages at CCCU.
  • Create a supportive, aspirational, and motivational space for women researchers in a safe and welcoming setting.
  • Advocate an inclusive and equitable research culture within the University.
  • Celebrate women in research and research by women.

If you'd like to get in contact, please email Agnes Gulyas.

'We Need to Talk About Class' 

The 'We Need to Talk About Class' is CCCU’s staff network dedicated to working class colleagues, emphasising the contributions working class professionals make to tertiary education, as well as the obstacles faced due to class.

As a staff network, they seek to engage with class analysis and celebrate working class culture and identity.

If you'd like to get in contact, please email WNTTAC

Neurodiversity Staff Network 

The Neurodiversity Network is a newly established staff network at CCCU. They meet on a regular basis, whilst maintaining a friendly Teams chat for their members to keep in touch and seek support.

Their key aims are to:

  • improve inclusion of neurodivergent staff
  • provide a safe space for discussion
  • influence and champion positive change for neurodivergent staff

If you'd like to get in contact, please email Shauna Mccusker.

Staff societies 

Our staff members are integral members of our CCCU community, with many societies available to them. Find out more about staff societies

Our strategic priorities

We are committed to driving equity and inclusion throughout our community of staff and students and continue to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Our people

We commit to amplifying the voices of our people, particularly our underrepresented groups. 

Our culture

We commit to continue driving a culture that enables all staff and students at CCCU to thrive and belong. 

Our University

We commit to drive equity and inclusion across all areas, influencing every stage of the student and staff journey through an evidence-based approach. 

Equity and inclusion events

Equity and inclusion partners

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