Emotion Focused Therapy is an empirically-supported humanistic, process experiential treatment that views emotions as important in human functioning and working with emotions as central to therapeutic change.

EFT seeks to help people become aware of, make sense of, regulate, accept, express, and transform emotional experience. It is based on an evolutionary understanding of emotion as an innate and adaptive system, which helps us survive and thrive. Emotions give us important information about the world and our wellbeing; they inform us of our needs and guide our actions to meet them.

EFT is provided by therapists trained to be empathically attuned to the experiences of their clients. Therapists rely on a therapeutic style, which both follows and guides the client’s experiential process. Employing a range of detailed and thoroughly researched therapeutic ‘tasks’, EFT seeks to help individuals become more skilful in accessing important emotion information, the associated meanings about themselves and their world, and to use that information to live vitally and adaptively.

We are pleased to be the only location in England to offer a full range of training in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT). Emotion Focused Therapy Level 1 provides an introduction to EFT theory and EFT clinical 'tasks' to equip you with the basic skills to begin to incorporate EFT into your clinical practice. Once completed, Emotion Focused Therapy Level 2 will further enhance your EFT skills and clinical formulation.

Additional EFT training courses are also available, adapted for the other client groups you may work with. These include EFT for couples, Clinician Training in Emotion-Focused Skills Training (EFST) for Parents and Caregivers and workshop in Emotion-Focused Skills Training aimed at parents and care-givers. These courses can be completed independently of EFT Levels 1 and 2.

2024 training calendar

Advanced Empathy

Two-day online training with the Emotion Focused Therapy Institute of England

Dates: 25-26 April, 2024

Venue: Online via Zoom

Trainers: Dr Anna Oldershaw

Course Fee: £295 Early Bird (before 29.02.24) or £350 full rate

To book: Advanced Empathy training (site.com)

Enquiries: Gaynor McCracken at: EFTI@canterbury.ac.uk

EFT Level 1

Five-day in person training with the Emotion Focused Therapy Institute of England

Dates: 17-20 June, 2024

Venue: In person at Salomons Institute for Applied Psychology, Tunbridge Wells

Trainers: Dr Anna Oldershaw and Joan Shearer

Course fee: £650 early bird (before 31.03.24) or £720 full rate.

To book: EFT Level 1 (site.com)

Enquiries: Gaynor McCracken at: EFTI@canterbury.ac.uk

Thank you - I absolutely loved it. I have been wanting to do this training for several years and am so glad I got here. I really want to continue developing these skills.

Dr Edith Steffen Lecturer in Counselling Psychology, EFT Level 1, May 2018

I really enjoyed it - best training for ages. Personally and professionally transformative.

Dr Lisa Lee-FalconClinical Psychologist, EFT Level 1, May 2018

"I feel that I have taken away so much from this course that I hope to continue to grow and develop in my practice."

Leanne KellyCounsellor, EFT Level 1, March 2019

A very rich and rewarding experience.

Dr Margaret O’ShaugnessyClinical Psychologist, EFT Level 1, May 2018

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Less than a 10 minute walk to the railway station, central London is just an hour away by rail, Gatwick airport is 40 minutes away by road and the M25 within a 20 minute drive.

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