Real-life clinical environments at our Medway Campus offer our healthcare students first-class facilities to learn and practice.

Our realistic hospital environment includes an operating theatre and scrub room, wards and physiotherapy settings.


Our simulation suites house fully-equipped wards. The ward area is divided into two ward bays. These ward bays replicate the hospital environment and are complete with hospital beds, bedside cabinets, a nursing station, hoists, patient monitoring equipment, emergency trolley and a variety of other equipment. Basic Life Support (BLS), Moving and Handling and other practical sessions are held in these rooms. 

Operating theatre and scrub room

Students based in Medway will have access to our operating theatre and scrub room. Students and practitioners can use our fully staged operating theatre and scrub room – an imitation of a real NHS theatre suite. A one-way mirror separates the observation room and the operating theatre, so staged scenarios that take place can be observed and controlled from this room. The scrub room is a purpose built room for developing excellent aseptic techniques in hand-washing, gloving and gowning.

Physiotherapy facilities

Physiotherapy students will be taught practical hands-on skills in their own dedicated area of the simulation suite. These facilities include equipment you would be using out on placement, to develop the skills and knowledge you need in a realistic simulated environment.

Medway Campus
Rowan Williams Court, 30 Pembroke Court, Chatham Maritime, Kent, ME4 4UF
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