As a healthcare student, you will have access to our specialist, industry-relevant, simulation facilities at Canterbury and Medway campuses. These simulation suites allow you to practise hands-on skills in a fully-equipped, realistic hospital environment. In Canterbury, these facilities are located in the new Verena Holmes Building. 

The Verena Holmes Building

The latest addition to our campus is this incredible building that includes a full set of simulation suites to support health students. You'll find complete simulated hospital wards, x-ray rooms, an operating theatre, nurses station - everything you'll need to prepare for real-world experiences in hospital.

Check out a couple examples of our facilities with the drone footage and virtual tours below.

Hospital Wards

These simulated ward bays replicate the hospital environment and are complete with hospital beds, bed side cabinets, a nursing station, hoists, patient monitoring equipment, emergency trolley and a variety of other equipment. Basic Life Support (BLS), Moving and Handling and other practical sessions are held in these rooms.

Occupational Therapy Flat

The occupational therapy facilities are designed to mirror the type of settings where therapy can be explored. The flat is a replica of a typical bedroom, bathroom and kitchen in the community, with a range of equipment and adaptations to enhance someone's independence. Students can role play scenarios outside the hospital and in the patient's home.

Radiography Imaging Suite

This radiography computer suite will allow students to have hands on experience. The main purpose of the room is to practise radiographic technique, acquisition of digital radiography images, interpretation of images.