We know that choosing university is a really exciting step in your child’s life, but we also know that the costs can be daunting. Here, we’ll explain the costs involved, how these are administered and a few things you need to consider alongside your child.

Firstly, the costs of going to university needn’t be a barrier to your child choosing higher education. University is free at the point of entry for most home students and most undergraduate degree courses, so upfront costs don’t need to come out of your own pocket.

Remember to visit our Undergraduate fees and funding section for even more info!

How much it costs - tuition fees

At Canterbury Christ Church, the tuition fees for most full-time undergraduate courses for a home (UK-based) student is £9,250 per year. A part-time course on which a student studies 50% of the time costs £4,625 per year. Tuition fee loans are paid directly to the university.

The single best place to find out about what is available and applying for student finance is the government website. This is where your child will ultimately make their application for student finance so we’d recommend that you familiarise yourself with this, alongside your child, as it contains all the very latest information.

Funding your child's life - maintenance loan

We realise that everyone’s circumstances are unique with some parents or guardians more able to provide financial support than others. The Maintenance Loan is designed to cover the day-to-day costs of living, including accommodation, food, travel and course materials and is available to any full-time home student. Cost of living loans are paid into your child’s bank account.

Visit the government’s student loan calculator to find out how much extra funding is available.

This is calculated based on household income and is a process you’ll need to be directly involved in during the application process. There is an expectation by the government that you’ll provide some financial assistance to your child during their studies, though we recognise this isn’t always feasible. We can provide advice on living at home and commuting or finding part-time work through Unitemps to take help reduce the costs to you.

Help your child work out a monthly budget using the Money Saving Expert planner, or encourage them to speak to our team who are always there to help.

After your child's degree - repaying a student loan

Student loans only become repayable once your child is earning over £25,000 per year. They will repay 9% of any earnings above this figure, so the more they earn, the more they pay off. If the loan isn’t cleared in 30 years, it is written off by the government. They will have the option of paying it off early or making additional monthly payments to clear it sooner.


of earnings above £25,000 go towards repaying a student loan.

Offering a helping hand - scholarships and bursaries

We offer a range of scholarships and bursaries to undergraduate students to help them finance their studies with us. The Canterbury Christ Church University Grant, for example, is available to your child if your household income is less than £25,000 per year, or they meet other criteria.

Visit our Scholarships and Bursaries page for more info!

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