Access a Student Peer Mentor

Our student mentors are trained to provide a safe and confidential space for fellow students to talk freely and ask questions providing reassurance and guidance to help you succeed by sharing their knowledge and experience.

We have a diverse pool of student peer mentors for you to choose from. Our mentors are from various backgrounds with differing experiences for example commuting students, students who live on or near the campuses, mature students and students with disabilities

Some benefits of accessing a Peer Mentor 

 Supporting Academic Success

  • Invaluable source of knowledge and experience from someone having recently been through the same university experience.
  • May help provide other strategies to achieve a healthy study/life balance.
  • Attending study sessions with a mentor may help you consolidate your understanding of the programme and feel better prepared for assessments.
  • May help provide access to other resources and services.

 Developing Graduate Attributes

  • Improves and develops skills including listening, communication, time management, organisation and presentation/public speaking.
  • Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Helps you develop strategies for dealing with personal and academic challenges.
  • Helps identify goals and establish a sense of direction for your future.
  • Builds confidence.

 Being a part of the University

  • Creates a real sense of belonging to the university and wider community.
  • An important link to the university at all times especially if you are not studying on campus or you are away on placement.
  • Builds a network of contacts and friends.
  • Creates an informal learning environment by providing a safe and confidential environment to talk about anything.


Pastoral mentors provide both online or face-to-face guidance and navigation to students who have already commenced their study at CCCU.

A current student can request a pastoral peer mentor at any point during their studies.

  • Students are matched according to their preferences or as near as possible.
  • The mentoring relationship is flexible so that it fits around students, their studies and other commitments.
  • A student mentor can choose the amount of time they devote to mentoring and how many mentees they can manage.
  • Both participants can change their mentor or mentee at any point.
  • How the mentoring relationship will work is for both participants to agree and decide. This will form the contract/boundaries for the mentoring relationship.

Peer Assisted Learning Leaders (PALs) provide subject specific facilitated peer assisted study sessions (PASS) to help enhance student understanding of the programme. PASS typically consists of weekly or fortnightly group sessions, enabling reflection on taught content, in order to achieve a set task designed to consolidate learning. PASS facilitates discussion it is not teaching, allowing students to raise questions in a safe and confidential environment about any fears, challenges or opportunities that they may be facing.

What do PALS do?

  • Run and facilitate peer assisted study sessions (PASS) for fellow students on their programme in the level below.
  • Provide a safe and confidential space for students to ask questions.
  • May help with problem-solving, study skills, exam techniques and help with preparation of coursework, assignments and presentations.
  • Know what their students are going through because they 'have been there' and been successful.
  • Do not teach, lecture or give out the answers.

PALs are trained in how to structure and lead flexible sessions so everyone can participate. They are supported by their Academic Contact (academic member of staff in their programme) and agree with the PAL group which material they want to review, improve or understand better.


How can I make use of the service?

If you would like to be connected to one of our pastoral student peer mentors or to find out if your programme offers peer assisted learning mentors please email for further information.



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