Knowledge Exchange and Consultancy

Since 1998 the Institute has offered consultancy and knowledge exchange activities to build on and develop the work already undertaken by some of the department staff. Since then the Institute has been busy with public sector development work, contributing to policy development and service development.

Prof Alex Hassett, leads on Consultancy and Knowledge Exchange for the Institute.  Staff from across the Institute are highly experienced public sector practitioners and academics, whose research, consultancy and training skills are applied to practice in terms of policy development, policy implementation and practice support in the public and voluntary sector are called upon to contribute to various projects as need be. The staff have professional and research qualifications, with consultancy and training experience. This work has been presented at international conferences, as well as national, and dissemination through publication is also a feature of their profile.

Knowledge Exchange and Consultancy Services

At Salomons Institute for Applied Psychology, we draw upon wide experience and knowledge of policy frameworks, diverse organisational cultures, research, education and learning, and of personal professional development. We offer confidential and stimulating working relationships to individuals and groups based on contracts and goals that are set within a frame of ethical commitments and national perspectives, but negotiated to reflect particular learning needs, interests and priorities. Listed below are just some of the knowledge exchange services we offer.

  • Mental Health Awareness Training
  • Specific mental health topics (e.g. depression, self-harm, anxiety) training
  • Adolescent development and adolescent brain development
  • Understanding trauma, brain development and behaviour
  • Working with young people who have experienced trauma
  • The role of supervision in supporting training and development
  • Relationships in the classroom
  • Basic counselling skills

For further information on any of our consultancy services, please contact Prof Alex Hassett. For all other enquiries, please contact us.

Consultancy Projects

This knowledge exchange activity includes consultancy to mental health service commissioners, bespoke training around working with young people particularly those experiencing mental health difficulties and representation on various bodies both public sector and charitable.  

Some of our previous projects included: 

  • Essex Social Care Academy: 
    • providing training in the impact of trauma on working with young people to newly qualified social workers 
    • providing training for foster carers on working with the young people in their care.
  • Drive Forward Foundation: providing training and support to a charity that works with young care leavers to facilitate them into the job market. 
  • Work with primary, secondary and specialist schools to support the development of student emotional well-being and resilience. This has included The Skinners' School, Maidstone Grammar School, Dartford Area Consortia Schools. 
  • Skinners Company: training to governors on developing resilience and wellbeing in their schools. 
  • Public Health NHS England Kent and Medway: Delivery of Attachment, Trauma, Neuroscience and Parenting training to all health visitors 
  • Training for Local Councils e.g. Canterbury City Council, Understanding Adolescent Behaviour, Understanding the Impact of Trauma and the Consequences for Engagement 
  • HeadStart Kent: Leading on Knowledge Development around resilience in young people 
  • Isle of Wight Health training and development consultancy 



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