Biomolecular Research Group

The Biomolecular Research Group’s aim is to perform fundamental research that informs human health and well-being. Its members comprise academic and postgraduate research staff from varied scientific disciplines whose specialities are used to answer key biological questions primarily at the molecular level.

Research interests

Members of the BMRG have specialities in cell and molecular biology, protein science, chemical and structural biology, cancer biology, bioinformatics, metabolomics and evolutionary genetics. A selection of current research projects include:

  • Development of fluorescent chemosensors for medical applications, biochemical investigations, environmental monitoring, biotechnology and drug discovery.
  • Investigating the protein structure and biological control potential of plant lectins.
  • Studying organism development and ageing with respect to environmental stimuli.
  • Studying prion protein development and maintenance in yeast.
  • Investigating the therapeutic potential of novel animal venoms as anti-microbial, anti-parasitic and anti-cancer agents.
  • Computationally investigating the molecular dynamics of cell skeletal components.
  • Investigating mammalian embryology and comparative genomic studies in a variety of avian species.
  • Investigating the biochemical and biophysical properties of muscle proteins.
  • Investigating alternative splicing and the circadian clock in plant stress responses.
  • Deployment of molecular techniques an attempt to understand the patterns in the spatial distribution of organisms.

Members also have collaborative interests with external partners including local schools and biotechnology businesses. For more information on member’s research activities or for contact details, please click on a member’s individual Staff Profile.

Staff list

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