Technicians at CCCU

We are a developing community of Technical staff dedicated to enabling high quality teaching and research across many disciplines. We are the founding members of the Kent Technician Network and we have joined the Technician Commitment. We will be implementing the below action plan over the next 24 months.





How impact will be evidenced (projected dates)









Formation of technician development steering group

Technician development steering group will ensure that development plans for Technicians across the university are developed with all stakeholders input and integrated within the wider organisation development plan.

Terms of reference will be available (August 2022). Minutes of meetings will be available (From September 2022).

Continued development of externally facing Technician webpage (including definition)

Website due to launch before next academic year. The action is to continue the development of this webpage.

Webpage created (September 2022)

Development of social media, informal communication presence.

This objective has been carried forward. There has been some uptake of social media etc. In this action plan we will form a working group to help keep social media presence going and maintain content.

Evidence will be available of external platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc) (From Oct 2022).








Communicate the opportunity to become professionally registered to technical staff (Science Council, Engineering Council, BCS). Work towards Science Council Employer Champion award

This will also be part of the remit for the working group and will form the foundation of this work. They will work together to develop guidance and support for professional registration for CCCU staff. They will plan workshops every 3 months to help staff to focus on professional registration and progress applications.

Number of staff registered. Projection of 3 by Aug 2022, 6 by Aug 2023.

Formation of "Technician Galleries" in new Holmes building -for Science, Health, Engineering, and anatomy technicians and in Daphne Oram building for art technicians

Photos with short bios will raise the profile of technical staff. These "galleries" may be movable due to the structure of the space, but they will allow technicians to be showcased.

Copies of profiles and photos of galleries can be provided (Jan 2023)


Career Development

Raise awareness of technical framework structure and expectation of function.

At technical meetings/ workshops (detailed under sustainability) this will be reviewed to ensure staff understand and that new staff are aware.

Notes from meetings available (from Oct 2022)



Sustainability (of technical workforce)

Develop secondment/placement opportunities.

Working group of senior technicians/technical managers and HR reps will work to develop this.

Testimonials from staff who have taken part (from Aug 2023)

Improve technical voice and input into development

Workshops/meetings with all technicians will be schedule every 6 months

Dates of meetings can be submitted (Oct 2022)


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