We believe that high quality teaching should be underpinned and enriched by ongoing research and knowledge exchange in the field. To this end, all of our staff are engaged in either one or both of these activities, and consider this work to be an essential part of their role.

Research activities

Research is an essential part of the development of any discipline. Members of our team regularly engage in, and have experience of, a wide range of research activities, from small-scale local criminal justice initiatives to government-funded national evaluation research. Our current research activities include:

  • Digital forensics.
  • Fire safety.
  • Police education and training.
  • Corporate responsibility.
  • European police leadership.
  • Reasoning used in criminal investigation.
  • Prison-based restorative justice.
  • Community safety in post-conflict communities.
  • Domestic violence in immigrant communities.
  • Sexual violence.
  • Miscarriages of justice.
  • Corporate social responsibility and international relations.

Doctoral research

We currently have eight PhD students engaged in doctoral research across our fields of study. Areas of study include:

  • Democratic policing.
  • Psychological dynamics of police identity parades.
  • Firearms training.
  • Perceptions of legitimacy amongst public protestors.
  • The role of national and organisational cultures on voluntarism in police contexts.
  • Police public relations.
  • The impact of drug policy on drug users and practitioners.
  • Mobile phone forensics.

Read more about our Criminal Justice PhD supervisors.

Staff publications

To find out more about our research interests and activities, you can browse our staff profiles, found through the left hand menu. Alternatively, read on to discover more about our work in Knowledge Exchange.


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