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Engaging Sociology is a new initiative within the Sociology programme that aims to make the discipline accessible, useful and dialogic.

Sociology’s focus on social life and societal issues means that its research and insights are of interest not only to academics and students but also to the general public and policy makers. Through open debates, public lectures and community and school involvement, the Sociology team are committed to ensuring that our discipline has practical and valuable application.

Festival of Social Science 

ESRC Festival of Social Science This year, as part of the Festival of Social Science festival, we hosted an afternoon workshop at the Turner Contemporary (Margate),  on the subject of ‘Understanding Human Trafficking’. This session was run by Dr. Lorena Arocha, Lecturer in Sociology at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Dr. Arocha has been active in researching human trafficking and other forms of exploitation, both in the UK and around the world, conducting fieldwork in South Asia and being involved with policy work related to this and other exploitative forms. This event brought together interested parties on the issue on Human Trafficking, both in Margate and the South-East of England to discuss levels of understanding and response models at the local level of these wider global phenomena.

Connecting, Communities and Supporting Education

As part of the Engaging Sociology programme we have launched a Community Partnership Scheme that links student volunteers to local organisations and provides student and academic led research projects. To find out more, visit our research and collaboration pages

We really want the next generation of students to be enthused about sociology and understand its relevance. To this end we host a sociology teachers’ network providing continued professional development, resources and the opportunity to meet with peers.

Our annual Sixth Form and Further Education Conferences bring hundreds of students to the University and we offer bespoke visits to schools on request. 


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