Forensic Investigation

Forensic Investigation is an exciting and rewarding discipline that explores how the collective efforts of police, forensic and legal personnel leads to the resolution of criminal cases, with particular focus on the roles, procedures and contributions of forensic professionals to the criminal justice process.

Why study with us?

"92% of our Forensic Investigation students are satisfied with their course."

National Student Survey, 2020

Our degree programme is dynamic and progressive, providing a core set of forensic modules based on Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Science and Interpretation of Evidence. These are complimented by a diverse range of optional modules all designed using national forensic science benchmarks.

Our team of teaching staff are all experienced as forensic practitioners / researchers, and we are supported by a range of guest lecturers and advisors who currently work in the field, enabling us to ensure the accuracy and currency of our degree programme. Our practical facilities also provide you with the chance to gain extensive practical experience in a range of subjects and we support our students in obtaining part time voluntary employment within the criminal justice sector. 

Key features of our course include:

  • Meets recognised national standards.
  • Delivered by forensic practitioners.
  • Extensive practical work.
  • Collaboration with external forensic experts.
  • Excellent practical facilities.
  • Develop transferable skills.
  • Staff and students are partners in learning.

In short, Forensic Investigation will help you develop a balance of knowledge, practical experience and personal skills that will help you to fulfil your career goals, and make you attractive to future employers and postgraduate education providers.


As a Forensic Investigation student, you will benefit from our excellent practical facilities, which include crime scene facilities that offer a range of mock crime scenes and fire and explosion scenarios and as the programme mirrors real life experiences we have had as practitioners, we are innovative in our approach, often using a range of outdoor scenes, such as the graveyard to provide mock scenes.

We also have a forensic workshop, which houses a range of forensic equipment and the recently refurbished science laboratories contain a range of scientific analytical equipment for evidence analysis.  We also have a real courtroom that was used historically by Canterbury Prison, and as a forensic student, you will enjoy extensive access to these learning spaces.

Develop key skills

Not only will Forensic Investigation help you develop the knowledge and practical skills required to work as a crime scene investigator or forensic scientist, but you will also develop other transferable skills as well. Organisation, leadership and teamwork are all highly valued by employers, and so our degree will make you more employable. As partners in learning, we will provide you with any help and advice you need to ensure that your overall development supports your career aspirations.

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"I loved all the lab exercises, very interesting, great equipment! What I liked the most about my experience was the way lecturers delivered the lectures. They are funny, experienced, full of great stories, and make studying a lot more fun and enjoyable. They were always ready to help any time I needed tutorial or had a question/problem."

Denitsa Lazarova, Graduate

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