Governance, Institutions and Markets

The research cluster of Governance, institutions and markets comprises a diverse set of researchers linked to the areas of accountancy, economics and finance.

Our innovative research is both quantitative and qualitative in nature and includes empirical analysis, theory and practice. We draw on expertise in a number of disciplines including: asset pricing, Bayesian econometrics, choice theory, corporate finance, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, international accounting, macroeconomics, new industry financing and political economy. 

Research within the cluster is structured around five key themes:

  • Accounting in organisations and society: the relationship between human behaviours, organisational structures and processes in accounting, with changing social and political environment in enterprises. 
  • Corporate governance and responsibility: studying the role and mechanisms of corporate governance on firm financial and non-financial performance, including profitability, working capital management and the impact of commercial activities on stakeholders and the wider society. 
  • Corporate finance and asset markets: investigating the pricing, volatility and the interdependence of financial assets from both a domestic and international perspective; corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and financial distress.  
  • Critical finance studies: interdisciplinary research that covers social and cultural perspectives of financial thinking and acts through philosophy, cultural economy, economic sociology, technology studies, behavioural finance and cultural studies in financial markets.
  • Macroeconomic policy and institutions: the distributional and aggregate impacts of macroeconomic.

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