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The Student programme handbook template is intended to help ensure that students have essential information about their programme of study and are aware of sources of further information, advice and support.

Students should be provided with one programme handbook only for each programme of study.  Separate handbooks may be provided for modules and placements.

Students will also have access to a handbook entitled ‘My Essential Information’.  This provides information relevant to all students about general University policies, procedures and sources of further advice and support.  

Collaborative Programmes

For franchise collaborative programmes where the University Programme Director provides a standard programme handbook for all locations of delivery (using the handbook template above), there is a need to ensure that students are also provided with information regarding the local delivery arrangements.  This may be in the form of a handbook and may be an additional document, but there is not a one-size fits all approach.  There is a minimum information requirements list as follows:

  • Key Staff and Contact Details at the Partner Organisation and, where not included in the Programme Handbook, at the University
  • Key Dates and Timetabling Information
  • Programme structure details if, for example, only limited option modules are available at the Partner Organisation
  • Arrangements for Enrolment at the Partner Organisation
  • Assessment details, where not included in the Programme Handbook, and a key schedule of assessment deadlines and feedback dates and details of how work should be submitted
  • Arrangements for student engagement at the Partner Organisation
  • Arrangements for student support at the Partner Organisation
  • Information on local Students Union, where applicable
  • Information on resources at the Partner Organisation, for example library, IT, specialist programme-specific resources
  • Information on where to access the Partner Organisation’s Complaints Policy
  • Health and Safety arrangements at the Partner Organisation

Approval of Student Programme Handbooks

For new programmes student programme handbooks are to be presented to the programme validation event for approval.  The panel may set conditions and recommendations relating to the student programme handbook. 

For new collaborative partnerships, the partner approval event must be provided with documentary evidence of the information that will be provided to students that covers the minimum information requirements list identified above.  The panel may set conditions and recommendations relating to this.

Student programme handbooks and collaborative partner handbooks (where relevant) should be reviewed prior to each new cohort to ensure they remain fit-for-purpose.  Where amendments are made to handbooks, the revised version of the handbook requires approval by the Head of School or nominee prior to issue to students.

For any queries regarding student handbooks, please contact the Quality and Standards Office at


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