marking procedures

The Marking Procedures set out the University procedures for the submission, marking and feedback of assessed work. The procedures cover the following areas:
  • mode of submission
  • marking illegible scripts
  • marking where a student has not followed the instructions of an examiner
  • penalties for the late submission of assessed work (changes from 2023-24)
  • the definitions and arrangements for standardisation, moderation and double marking (changes from 2022-23)
  • requirements for the consideration of marked samples by External Examiners
  • the marking arrangements for collaborative provision (changes from 2022-23)
  • procedures for feedback to students on marked assessments.
The Marking Procedures were last substantively reviewed and re-approved in 2022-23 for implementation from August 2023 for the start of a student’s 2023-24 academic year.
You can find the Marking Procedures under Downloads.
You can find out about the changes for 2023-24 here and FAQs here.
For queries about the Marking Procedures please contact your Faculty Quality Office in the first instance or
The pre-2020 version of the marking procedures is available here.

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