marking procedures

The Marking Procedures set out the University procedures for the submission, marking and feedback of assessed work. The procedures cover the following areas:

  • mode of submission
  • marking illegible scripts
  • marking where a student has not followed the instructions of an examiner
  • penalties for the late submission of assessed work
  • the definitions and arrangements for moderation and double marking
  • requirements for the consideration of marked samples by External Examiners (changes from 2021-22)
  • the marking arrangements for collaborative provision
  • procedures for feedback to students on marked assessments.

The Marking Procedures were last substantively reviewed and re-approved in July 2021 for implementation from September 2021.

You can find the Marking Procedures under Downloads.

For queries about the Marking Procedures please contact your Faculty Quality Office in the first instance or

The pre-2020 version of the marking procedures is available here.

Clarification on the application of late penalties *new for January 2022*

The current procedure is that the standard late penalty to be applied by all courses (except where excluded by approved Special Regulations) will be five per cent per day, for up to seven days. A clarification has been made to ensure consistency.

  • To avoid confusion, the definition of “a day” is that of a 24 hour period and the 24-hour period should be used to calculate penalties for lateness;
  • the penalty of 5% applies from 2:01pm on the day of the published deadline;
  • another 5% penalty is added from 2:01pm the next day, and subsequently, for a total of a total of seven “days”, after which the mark of 0 should be given.

Paragraphs 5.3 and 5.4 of the procedures have been updated to clarify this in more detail following approval by Education & Student Experience Committee.


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