Taught Regulations

Taught Regulations govern taught awards, including the arrangements for Boards of Examiners; External Examiners; pass, classification, progression and credit requirements (including compensation, trail and progress and reassessment with attendance); examinations and time constrained assessments; recognition of prior learning; assessment and reassessment; and No Detriment for Covid-19.

The Regulations for Taught Awards are applicable to:

  • Undergraduate students who registered from September 2017 onwards,
  • Postgraduate Taught students who registered from September 2019 onwards*, and
  • students that have been transferred from the Outgoing regulations following an interruption.

* Postgraduate Taught students under the Outgoing regulations who interrupt from September 2020 will return to studies on the Regulations for Taught Awards.

Assessment Regulations and support procedures recognising the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020-21 can be found HERE.

Exceptional Regulations for the Marking and Assessment Boycott 2022-23 can be found HERE.

Current edition
Regulations for Taught Awards 2023-24
Previous editions
Regulations for Taught Awards 2022-23
Regulations for Taught Awards September 2021
Regulations for Taught Awards September 2020
Regulations for Taught Awards September 2019
Regulations for Taught Awards September 2018

The Outgoing Regulations are applicable to Undergraduate Students that:

  • registered before September 2017 and have continuous progression (i.e. students who do not interrupt or repeat a year after August 2017).
Regulations and Credit Framework Outgoing Edition

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