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Career development fund

If you are looking to undertake a career development opportunity but finding it financially difficult to do so, then you may be eligible to benefit from the Career Development Fund.

If your career development opportunity is in an unpaid or low-paid role or has additional costs associated which would make it difficult for you to take up the opportunity without financial assistance, we have two bursaries available to help.

The Career Development Fund 2023/24 will run until the end of July 2024 or until funds are exhausted. Early applications are advised as funds are limited. For qualifying criteria, and full details of what the bursaries can be used for, please see the Career Development Fund Terms and Conditions.

The bursaries available are:

  • Work Experience Travel Bursary: for assistance with travel costs (individual applications only).
  • Career Start Bursary: for all other costs associated with the work experience. Examples of possible uses for the Career Start Bursary include costs for buying suitable workwear, ad hoc childcare, specialist software and money to attend a conference (individual and group applications welcome).

Please note that in order for us to process your application, you must be registered on The Careers and Enterprise Online Hub.

Watch Katie's vlog to see what can be achieved with the use of the Career Development Fund. 

How to apply

  1. Please ensure that you have downloaded, read and understood the  Career Development Fund Terms and Conditions. This document outlines what the criteria is for applicants, career development opportunity, and your responsibilities, should you be awarded the funds. You should also read the Frequently Asked Questions for other topics not covered in the Career Development Fund Terms and Conditions.

  2. Please chose which Career Development Bursary to apply for based off your need for funding. Apply for the Work Experience Travel Bursary if you need help with transport costs. Apply for the Career Start Bursary for help with all other costs associates with the work experience. Please note that each applicant must have evidence of the opportunity and for the Career Start Bursary a referee or sponsor as part of your application, so we recommend you think about who this could be (an employer/lecturer/etc) before you apply. You can upload your referee or sponsor's email to the application. Should you have questions or need further information, please email  

  3. Travel Bursary: Applications for this bursary run from September 2023 till the end of July 2024. We will acknowledge receipt of your application form within three working days and aim to get back to you with a decision within seven working days.  If you have any questions, please direct them to 

  4. The Career Start Bursary is awarded following regular panel meetings. The dates for these meetings for 2023/24 will be: 


Application Deadline

Panel Meeting

September  Monday 11 September Monday 18 September 
October Monday 16 October Monday 23 October
November Monday 13 November Monday 20 November
December Monday 11 December Monday 18 December
January Monday 8 January Monday 15 January
February Monday 12 February Monday 19 February
March Monday 11 March Monday 18 March
April Monday 15 April Monday 22 April
May Monday 13 May Monday 20 May
June Monday 10 June Monday 17 June
July Monday 8 July Monday 15 July

The Career Development Fund 2023/24 will run until 31 July 2024 at 5pm or until funds are exhausted. Early applications are advised as funds are limited.

Make sure you look at the Frequently Asked Questions for further information. If you require any help with your bursary application, you can email


If you have already made use of the Career Development Fund and found it helpful, please get in touch and tell us more. We'd also love to hear about your career development opportunity and how it helped in preparing you for your career after university. To get in touch, please contact